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Mission Statement

I.  To Inspire a Love of Learning!

II.  To develop Positive Character Traits!

III.  To Think Math "Inside Out"! From the Concrete to the Representational to the Abstract. Teaching children to THINK requires modeling and interactive dialogue. You, the teacher, are instructing in conceptual learning.

The 5-point star: Inspires the love of learning!

The Student: Enjoys--Engaged--Motivated--Focused--Enriched!

The Teacher: Leads with loving authority while feeding the natural curiosity.

img004The 5-point star: Develops positive character traits

  1. Love for learning (fun setting)
  2. Respect for authority - others
  3. Motivated
  4. Self control (focused)
  5. Self worth/confidence/power (happy/productive)

How are these traits developed? Through Mathemagician pedagogy!

"MATHEMAGICIANS" is an auxiliary program (meaning Power Booster).

ENLIGHTENS the curriculum!

EMPOWERS the basal math program!

ENGAGES the student!

About Our Worksheets

Greetings, Dedicated Colleagues!

The student worksheets were formatted to follow the direct-teach, Mathemagicians methodology. The letters “TP” at top left corners indicate the coordinating teacher’s page. It’s always good to do a sample exercise in full class view as well as to read the directions aloud per page. The foldable worksheets were designed for your discretionary use—consumable or nonconsumable. By laminating, the 4-in-one worksheet can be used for class practice, individual tutoring, or for “checking out” to share learned elements with parents. Test out your “Easy-wipe” markers or crayons to assure erasability with a dry “sock” or cloth. Also, slipping the worksheet into plastic sleeves and securing with a clip is a workable option. Storing the plasticized worksheets in a student-accessible location allows them to retrieve one-by-one and “play school” thus reinforcing the experientially-learned concepts. You, the teacher, could create additional worksheets or periodic tests based on the flow of Mathemagician teaching and comprehension.


Jan Watson

About the Author

LIFE according to Jan: "Have fun and share, give thanks, and Love one another!"

JAN's yesterdays: Loved to teach (22+ years), sing, read, raise cattle, dote over a yardful or houseful of pets, do annual Mom-Daughter get-a-ways, bug husband to "mechanically create" a teaching device that had come into her very visual mind.

JAN's todays: Share with teachers, motivate learners, read, sing, write poetry-songs-spiritual allegories, write curriculum for church kids, dote over three dogs, retreat to peace and awe in the Colorado mountains, coffee-brunch-lunch with faith friends or forever educators to laugh or sometimes even cry, weekly voice chat with THE "one and only" daughter, share pancake-panacea breakfasts with husband AND a Saturday night movie at home.

About Our Book

Revolutionary teaching methodology that addresses deficiencies in the current, hurried, multi-media-fed elementary student. Veteran teachers provide innovative strategies that develop visualizing and verbalizing skills while learning math concepts thru association, animation, song, poetry, dance,and games. Noting a "missing link" in the math environment, authors have developed meaningful-fun activities to connect between the manipulatives (concrete) step and the (abstract) problems-on-the-page step.

Kindergarten thru Fifth Grade will "love" math as Marvel Mouse and Funny Bunny guide them thru historically difficult functions like counting change and solving word problems. Mastery of life-skills math opens the door for higher level coursework. Teachers have fun! Excited students develop confidence in a positive atmosphere! CD-Rom of all visuals provided. Just have number lines, hundreds boards, and O.H. projector, and everyone becomes a teacher!


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